Unable to create repository

When I create a repository on gitlab.com (not independent install), I get “Visibility level private has been restricted by your GitLab administrator.” I am attempting to create the repository within a group in which I am the sole member (owner). There is only one other post describing this issue on the forums and it appeared to be an issue with an independent install and regular users (not owner).

Any suggestions?


(first time using the forms so if I did something incorrectly, just call me out.)

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I’m seeing this too. I’m not a part of any groups and I just have a solo account. Visibility private is hidden.

I am suspecting this is some bug created in an update considering I have not modified anything recently. Unfortunately, due to having a core account, there is no real way to contact GitLab directly that I am aware of.

I’m also having the same issue. Didn’t change anything in my settings that should cause this behavior.

+1, facing same issue. I am the owner, solo account and not in any groups.

The issue appears now to be fixed for me.

Apologies for the issue folks, this was indeed fixed and was the result of an accidental change on GitLab.com.

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