Unable to delete gitlab.com/group

I unable to delete group I’ve created with name ‘googlefb65fc03d1420a64.html’ using https://gitlab.com/dashboard/groups

Link url name https://gitlab.com/googlefb65fc03d1420a64.html

Saying 404. No actions are possible.

Hey @axet
You may be able to achieve this through the api. I couldn’t access the group through the UI either (likely because it’s trying to look for a .html page perhaps?)

I could, on the other hand access it via the api:

❯ glab api groups/googlefb65fc03d1420a64.html | jq | head -n7
  "id": 5914317,
  "web_url": "https://gitlab.com/groups/googlefb65fc03d1420a64.html",
  "name": "googlefb65fc03d1420a64.html ",
  "path": "googlefb65fc03d1420a64.html",
  "description": "",
  "visibility": "public",

You should be able to give it a try using the ‘Remove group’ endpoint: Groups API | GitLab

The group ID is 5914317 from the above snippet :slight_smile:

Thanks it worked using curl

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