Unable to fork: blank page after clicking in fork button


I’m using GitLab Community Edition 14.10.5, self-managed, and I’m unable to fork any project I have.

I’m following these clear guidelines, and when I click the fork icon as suggested, I’m redirected to an almost blank page, instead of a form or buttons to proceed with the forking process. Here is a screenshot showing this.

I also noticed some TypeErrors on the console, and I can’t find anything about them in the forums.

The errors are:

TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'length')
    at a.getInitialVisibilityValue (fork_form.vue:212:46)
    at a.data (fork_form.vue:115:1)
    at a.<anonymous> (vue.runtime.esm.js:1219:51)
    at vue.runtime.esm.js:4748:17
    at vue.runtime.esm.js:4705:7
    at mn (vue.runtime.esm.js:4642:5)
    at t._init (vue.runtime.esm.js:5006:5)
    at new a (vue.runtime.esm.js:5154:12)
    at vue.runtime.esm.js:3283:10
    at init (vue.runtime.esm.js:3114:45)


TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'fields')
    at a.<anonymous> (fork_form.vue?6f9a:1:468)
    at t._render (vue.runtime.esm.js:3548:22)
    at a.r (vue.runtime.esm.js:4066:21)
    at pn.get (vue.runtime.esm.js:4479:25)
    at new pn (vue.runtime.esm.js:4468:12)
    at t (vue.runtime.esm.js:4073:3)
    at En.$mount (vue.runtime.esm.js:8415:10)
    at init (vue.runtime.esm.js:3118:13)
    at vue.runtime.esm.js:5978:9
    at f (vue.runtime.esm.js:5925:9)

Does someone know how can I fix or workaround this? I don’t want the new project to lose the current commit history.

Thank you in advance!!


After upgrading gitlab CE to 15.0.5-ce.0, the fork form is not showing anymore for any project. This is the error shown when accessing after clicking on the fork button:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

In my case it was fixed by upgrading to the latest version.