Unable to host additional sites

I’m trying to host additional sites. Have chosen to stick with the bundled nginx. I’ve tried adapting config options all over the place. Things in my custom nginx conf files. Things in the /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

So far the limited success I’ve had is for my subdomains to resolve to the address, yet this just gets redirected to https subdomain where I installed GitLab. My vhost subdomains are not hitting else are immediately redirected. Logs appear to be in more than one location. As well the .well-known seems to be custom? I’ve tried dozens and dozens of different combinations of config options, set permissions, and ownership to match the standard nginx.conf file included with gitlab… nothing.

Can someone here please share a recent success with up to date version? That would be greatly appreciated. It seems the current documentation floating around on the official website and through google queries are out of date else I’m missing something.