Unable to import from GitLab.com to the GitLab instance 10.0.3

Unable to import using the URL from GitLab.com, to the GitLab instance, getting the below error :

“Error importing repository https://gitlab.com/ajay56/test-project-migration.git into AJ613621/test-project-migration - Cloning into bare repository ‘[REPOS PATH]/AJ613621/test-project-migration.git’…
fatal: unable to access ‘https://gitlab.com/ajay56/test-project-migration.git/’: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to gitlab.com:443

Unable to import using the GitLab export option from the GitLab.com to private GitLab instance , getting below error:

“Error importing repository into AJ613621/my-migration-project - Import version mismatch: Required 0.2.0 but was 0.2.4”

Have not tried to use the Import from GitLab.com, as unable to process OAuth settings due to organizational constraints as of now.

Please assist.