Unable to login on gitlab.com: “Login failed. Please retry from your primary device and network.”

I’m trying to log in at gitlab.com , but am not able to do so.

My username and password are correct, and it always ask for a Verification code, but I don’t have access to that mailbox.

Thanks in advance

you get verification code sent to your email and you can’t access that email? you’ll need to reach out to gitlab support, raise a support ticket

Some context here: GitLab account security: Verify your information for enhanced protection | GitLab

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Thanks, so I used the option to update the email, then I could enter my account, but as I didn’t know about these security changes, I erase the new email that I used to enter from gitlab config on emails, and just left the old one, so when I tried later, It was asking again for verification code, but as it was only one time to update email, it does not show again the option to update it.
Is there a chance that I could recover again my account ?

Thanks in advance.

Hi again, could you help me recover my account, please, I just need to add a new email, that’s all.

Thanks in advance

Do what @doctor3182 already told you to do and open a ticket: https://support.gitlab.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360000803379

Like all the other posts already on this forum - had you searched, you would already know that nobody on the forum can help you. We are just community members who have zero privileges on Gitlab.com to do anything and cannot do anything to recover your account or change your email. Only Gitlab support team can do that.

Thanks for clarification, I’ve already created a ticket.