Unable to mirror repository using SSH


I am running into problems trying to use the ‘Mirroring Repositories’ function under Repository Settings (https://gitlab.com/User/Repository/settings/repository).

My repository is located on a CentOS 7.x VPS.

  1. Under git repository url, I add my SSH link: ssh://username@ (where 22 is my custom port no.)
  2. Mirror direction - Pull
  3. I click ‘Input host keys manually’ then add the provided entries to ~/.ssh/known_hosts
  4. Authentication Method - SSH Public Key. Paste to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  5. Click Mirror Repository. An error comes up without any helpful info (now it just says import took longer than 54000 seconds).

Hoping somebody can help me out. I have no problems cloning the repo via Git Bash using the above ssh link.


@Hawk Can you provide the exact error message displayed in the mirroring settings section of that project?

Hi thanks for replying. Here is the error I get.

I also tried to use ‘Password’ instead of SSH key, no luck.

@Hawk Thanks for providing that. This is a known issue that’s already been fixed. We’re just waiting for the fix to be deployed, which should be in 11.4.0 RC2.

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Okay thanks. Hopefully the fix will be available soon. :slight_smile:

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@Hawk Sure thing, and I hope so as well. :grinning:

I got the same 2 undefined method 'id' for nil:NilClass.
When will be the fix implemented? :slight_smile:

For this one, you might want to comment directly on the issue, as the developers should be able to tell you when and on which version the fix landed.

That said, I’d suggest to double-check if you are on the latest GitLab version. If you comment on the issue, please do mention the version you are experiencing the bug with.