Unable to pull non official Docker images from Docker Hub

Not sure if this is by design but i am not able to pull a non official image from Docker Hub in my pipeline, so what i do is the following:

image: bitriseio/android-ndk

And i get this:

Running with gitlab-runner 11.4.2 (cf91d5e1)
  on docker-auto-scale ed2dce3a
Using Docker executor with image bitriseio/android-ndk ...
Pulling docker image bitriseio/android-ndk ...
ERROR: Preparation failed: Error: No such image: bitriseio/android-ndk (executor_docker.go:175:0s)

If i try to pull that image manually it works as expected. I also tries “image: bitriseio/android-ndk:latest” and the full Dokcker Hub URL. No way. Is that a limitation of the free tier or of the internal docker registry GitLab cloud uses?

If i use java open sdk 8 image it works as expected (as any other docker official image under library/*)