Unable to push gem to GL package registry

Unable to push rubygem to package repository

I’m trying to push my ruby gem to GitLab only when I try to upload my gem I’m getting a 404.

     --upload-file ./gem-eoc-1.0.0.gem \
     --header "Authorization: $GITLAB_TOKEN" \

When changing my project number, I’m getting a project not found error, so that’s correct
When I change the auth key, I’m getting an unauth error, so that’s also correct

I’m not able to log into the rails console, but when I search on the package registry is does give me the option to filter on type: rubygems, which implicitly tells me that the ruby package registry is enabled for this project.

I’m at a loss, does anyone have similar issues, or maybe a solution?

We are running: GitLab Community Edition [13.12.15]

Thanks so much