Unable to redeem my swag from GitLab store

I received an email by @Linds regarding the coupon code I can use to redeem a t-shirt from the GitLab store as my swag, but the code never worked. @Linds I tried to inform you by sending reply emails but never received a response. This is a pending issue since April’20
Recently, I recently received an email regarding a survey on completing that I got to know about this forum so sending this issue here. Previously, I tried messaging on Twitter also but no response.
@Linds I hope I will get some response from you on this forum.
Thanks and Regards
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Hi @HeroicHitesh! So sorry to hear about your swag experience so far. I feel terrible that you have been waiting since April. :frowning: Sometimes communications are lost, but I will DM you right now with a proper code for some well deserved swag.

Thanks again for reaching out—look out for my DM! :blush:

Thanks for the prompt reply. I surely wasn’t expecting that :sweat_smile:

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