Unable to register GitLab Runner - pipeline_trigger


We are moving from on-prem to cloud and as part of this, our GitLab server is also migrated to cloud.
Hostname remained the same but IP address of the GitLab server is changed now.

I have registered the gitlab-runners on all windows machines successfully by resetting runners registration token from GitLab–>Admin area -->Runners.

But on GitLab server itself there is a runner which executes the tag ‘pipeline_trigger’. I tried to register the gitlab-runner on GitLab server (linux server) as well but I face below issue. Any suggestions on how to resolve this issue is highly appreciated. Do we need to generate and register the ssl certificates after moving to cloud?

[root@ldopgis01 gitlab-runner]# ./gitlab-runner register
Runtime platform arch=amd64 os=linux pid=2027 revision=d0b76032 version=12.0.2
Running in system-mode.

Please enter the gitlab-ci coordinator URL (e.g. https://gitlab.com/):
Please enter the gitlab-ci token for this runner:
Please enter the gitlab-ci description for this runner:
[ldopgis01.sysdomain.local]: LDOPGIS01
Please enter the gitlab-ci tags for this runner (comma separated):
ERROR: Registering runner… failed runner=ePcyxtWy status=couldn’t execute POST against https://ldopgis01.sysdomain.local/api/v4/runners: Post https://ldopgis01.sysdomain.lo
cal/api/v4/runners: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
PANIC: Failed to register this runner. Perhaps you are having network problems
[root@ldopgis01 gitlab-runner]#