Unable to see group pipeline quota minutes

I’m using the free plan on hosted on GitLab.com and have created a group for my organisation (I am the owner of the group). I’ve been using the shared runners for quite some time now and would like to see how many minutes I have left before I need to set up my own runner. However, I looked everywhere and I can’t find the pipeline quota view.

I would assume it to be somewhere at https://gitlab.com/group-name/-/pipeline_quota, but that gives me a 404.

Theoretically, I would expect to see it somewhere here: https://d.pr/i/YWGVAy

But can not find anything.

Any clues?

Hello @tarps, thanks for joining the forum and asking this question.

Have you checkedthis page? There you could find some info.


Thanks for the link!

However, I don’t see the “Pipeline Quota” setting in the group. I am the owner of the group. What gives?

(Screenshot, same as in original post: https://d.pr/i/YWGVAy)


I am seeing exactly what @tarps is seeing. No “Pipeline Quota” section in the group settings. “Moving cheese.”

See my screenshot as well.

I see the Pipeline Quota in my personal settings, but this doesn’t seem to include the free shared minutes usage. I keep seeing documentation to go to the “Admin Area” with a wrench icon that has “Admin Area” hover text, but that is not on my screen. So I’m not really sure what is going on.

Hey, @cowtown!

The wrench for “Admin Area” is only visible when you run a self-hosted GitLab edition and are the admin of that GitLab instance, as far as I know.

I’m having the exact same issue. I know the pipeline quota was there before because I’ve went on it. I even went through my browser history and the link was indeed what tarps initially linked, but it now gives a 404. Not sure since when exactly, but the pipeline quota definitely disappeared.


Same here. Quotas section is not visible anymore and the previously bookmarked URL returns a 404 Not Found error.

Yeaah boiiiiii. The pipeline quotas view is back in the settings menu with a different name - “usage quotas”. Solved I guess.

Does the link work again? I cannot see that option and link is still broken for me.

I’m having the same problem here, is there any solution ? :confused:

Which menu and where? I still can’t find it!

Hey all, our apologies for the confusion. This was caused by the implementation of this issue and should be fixed once the change introduced in the following two merge requests are live.

To be clear, the usage quotas menu option will be available for all that have a subscription on GitLab.com but not for those that don’t until those are live.


I confirm that, as expected, pipeline quota is visible again for groups with non-paid subscriptions under a new section: Settings > Usage Quotas.

Furthermore, the old URL was replaced with a new one: https://gitlab.com/groups/group-name/-/usage_quotas.

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