Unable to view details of packages in web interface after upgrade


Since the last update of our GitLab EE Omnibus setup from version 14.3.2 to 14.3.3 I can’t access the package registry packages of one specific project using the web interface.
The list of the packages is loading without any issues but as soon as I click on one of the packages to view the details I get the message “Failed to load the package data”.
This affects only one specific project. In all the other projects I can view the details of the packages without any issues.
Using the API endpoints, it is still possible to upload and download packages to/from that project.
I already tried cleaning the redis cache, issuing a “gitlab-ctl reconfigure” and restarting all services but the issue still persists.
I was not able to find any error messages related to the requests accessing the packages in the logs.
Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Updating GitLab to version 14.4. solved the problem.