Unacceptable TLS certificate


I was recently made aware that one of my Jekyll sites on Gitlab was displaying this error - I am not sure how long it has been going on for but the site was fine whent I first moved the it to Jekyll on Gitlab a little while ago - can anyone tell me what has happened?



Hi @philip_rhoades
I get Certificate chain contains expired certificate. You TLS certificate or CA certificate in the CA chain expired. Certificates have limited validity (usually about 1 year). You need to configure new one as described in docs

Ah . . OK, but this a cert that was auto-generated by GL - same thing still applies?



So you are using the Automatic certificate management using Let’s Encrypt, right?
In that case try to contact GitLab support. If you are on the Free tier try to disable and enable it again so the certificate is renewed.

Ah great - I will give that a shot . .