Upcoming iterations not created

This relates to the upcoming iteration feature.
Version: 15.0

I expect iterations to support generating upcoming iterations based on the timing (2, 4, 8, etc) specified in the cadence setting. This is not happening.

In the past week I noticed our upcoming iterations failed do generate. I’ve observed this to work in the past.

The current iteration cadence is set to create the next 2 upcoming.

Today I selected to edit the cadence to see if changing the selection for upcoming iteration and saving would prompt the generation. It did not. Instead, I got an error on save, “Error: You cannot change the start date after the cadence has started. Please create a new cadence.” But I had not attempted to change the start date at all.

Is this a known issue?
Has it been resolved and released with recent patches? We’ll try upgrading anyway.


As per the docs: Iterations | GitLab

It seems that from 14.10 it’s not possible to edit a cadence except it’s description. All other field editing has been deprecated it seems.

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