Update Gitlab with Ansible gets warning

We are trying to Update Gitlab (yum update, Gitlab-Omnibus) with Ansible, but we receive the following warning in the Gitlab
Installation output:

Environment variable LC_ALL specifies a non-UTF-8 locale. GitLab requires UTF-8 encoding to function properly. Please check your locale settings.
(there is no further Info about LC_ALL in the output)

The locale parameters on the Ansible Control station are actually the same as on the Gitlab Server.


This warning does not appear when connecting from the Ansible control station to Gitlab Server with a ssh session and executing the update.

So this warning is somehow related to Ansible, but not sure from where exactly. I have disabled sending environment variable /etc/ssh/ssh_config on the Ansible control station.
As well as disabled accepting environment Variables in /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the gitlab server.

I debugged also the ansible connection and could see LANG=en_US.UTF-8 is used, LC_ALL seems not to be specified.

Any ideas are apreciated.