Update notification on the help page

I recently updated our GitLab CE Omnibus instance and on the Help page, it no longer shows the green or orange or red box that indicated whether your instance is up-to-date or an update is available or needing to update ASAP.

Where was this moved to? Our instance requires manual updates and this is where I usually check for when I need to update our GitLab instance but now I can’t find it.

Hi @gregorip!

Can you go to https://<your_gitlab_url>/admin/application_settings/metrics_and_profiling, expand the “Usage Statistics” section, and verify if the “Enable version check” checkbox is checked or not?


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@gitlab-greg Yes it looks to be enabled.

When logged in as an administrator, the version check looks to be enabled, I can see it both on the help page and when expanding the question mark icon beside your profile icon on the upper right corner of the page. But for regular users, these aren’t being shown.

Ah. Got it.

I misread the topic title.

After a certain version (~13.x I think), we stopped putting the update notification on the help page because malicious actors could use it to determine which vulnerabilities a public-facing self-managed instance is vulnerable to. The update notification will only be visible to admins in <gitlab_url>/admin moving forward so normal users can’t see this information, only administrators.

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