Updating GitLab CE on Pi 2 via Omnibus (apt-get)


How often is the omnibus package for Raspberry Pi 2 updated?

My setup:

  • LAN Only Server
  • Running GitLab CE 8.7.9 ae2c611
  • Host: Raspberry Pi 2
  • OS: Raspbian Jessie


Recently I’ve been having issues with the personal project limit setting on my personal gitlab setup. No matter what I do, I can’t change it for my user and it remains at 0, so I am unable to create any new repositories. I’ve even logged in as root and set that user’s project limit to 1000, but the second the changes ‘save’, it’s back at 0. I’ve read that this is an issue with some earlier versions of GitLab 8. Naturally, I’ve attempted to resolve this by updating, but using the standard apt-get setup, I’m up to date. I’ve also tried manually downloading the most recent .deb file from the about page, but all the builds I find are amd64 and thus don’t run on the armhf architecture. :disappointed:

** This is my first time posting, so my apologies if I’m missing any info. Please let me know and I can update :smiley:


I managed to find gitlab 8.14.3 for armhf and I’m currently installing it via dpkg. However, I think my question still remains of why couldn’t I update via apt-get upgrade?