Upgrade from Omnibus 7.3.2 to apt package 7.10


I’d like to upgrade from a omnibus installation with version 7.3.2 to the version installed using apt. Is this easily possible or should I stick with the normal omnibus installation?
One thing that also bothers me is the name changes from gitlab to gitlab-ce so I suspect there might be issues with the new version not updating the old one but installing a new seperate version?!

I already know the upgrade documentation (https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/blob/master/doc/update.md) but this doesn’t describe how to switch from omnibus to apt.

Thanks for your help!
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Your best bet is to manually upgrade to 7.10.4 from here https://about.gitlab.com/downloads/archives/

Then follow the instructions from here https://about.gitlab.com/downloads/

You will not have any issues with the name change.

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