Upgrade GitLab 13.12.10 to 14.?.?

Hi, I need upgrade a GitLab CE Server (Ubuntu 18.0.4), On the official site of GitLab mentioned this path, what version correspond after the 13.12.10?.I want upgrate the new version for the CVE-2021-22205.

Hi, see one of the many posts here about upgrades: Multiple upgrades at once - how to check if GitLab has been upgraded correctly? - #2 by iwalker

As per upgrade path: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

latest 13.12.Z latest 14.0.Z latest 14.Y.Z

13.12.z is the last 13.12 release as of writing. gitlab/gitlab-ce - Results for 'gitlab-ce_13.12' and bionic in gitlab/gitlab-ce

that link is filtered for Bionic so 18.04, so you can find out from that list what is the exact last 13.12 release (as a hint 13.12.15) The same applies for 14.0.Z and 14.Y.Z being last 14.4 release.


Great!, Thank you @iwalker