Upgrade gitlab-ce from version 9.5.10 to 10.8.7


We are using Gitlab CE 9.2.5 , it’s configured through omnibus installation method and using ubuntu 16 for the setup.

Wanted to upgrade it to latest version, as per official documentation followed below mentioned path for upgrade,
9.2.5 > 9.5.10 > 10.8.7 >

Upgrade process is failed with PostgreSQL related exception during 10.8.7 upgrade.

Below are the exception logs related to upgrade,

2022-06-27_07:00:41.68145 ERROR:  column pages_domains.verified_at does not exist at character 55
2022-06-27_07:00:41.68146 STATEMENT:  SELECT  "pages_domains".* FROM "pages_domains" WHERE ("pages_domains"."verified_at" IS NULL OR ("pages_domains"."enabled_until" IS NULL OR "pages_domains"."enabled_until" < '2022-06-30 07:00:41.615241'))  ORDER BY "pages_domains"."id" ASC LIMIT 1000

Any advice would be much appreciated.