Upgrade Issue: Runner and few other interface are not working ( from 14.10.5 to 15.11.3 )

I have Gitlab 14.8.x something version when I try to upgrade on my ubuntu 18.04. I first run command and it suggest 15.11.3 to upgrade but fails.
On search I found an article (as I do not understood how to upgrade), that suggest to upgrade to 14.10.5 and then to 15… so I use 14.10.5 to upgrade and then did 15.0.x to update to… after this I didn’t follow upgrade path as I thought it might work just like that. and run apt upgrade directly and it start installing 15.11.3

but at one point gitlab reconfigure fails. It was some Validation of Database. Since then I try to downgrade to 15.0.5 to follow upgrade path but it doesn’t downgrade, nor I know how to fix those DB error.

Result is that I can commit to my repo, or fetch them, but CI/CD is not working I cannot see user profile and maybe few other things are broken.

I am not an expert as you can see from my post I did mistakes, now I do not know how can I fix DB manually as I believe it might help gitlab reconfigure command to work smooth and fix everything else. Or what else I can do? I have over 100 projects in repo so not sure if migration to new server is good idea or not.