Upgrade to 13.10.2 breaks Gitlab Rest API

We have recently upgraded to 13.10.2 and calling Pipeline creation REST API is broken now.


body {

IT just throws 500 error, not at all useful. From the gitlab logs, we see this error .

ArgumentError (TEST_INPUT must be of type String or nil value, while it was: Integer):
/opt/gitlab/embedded/service/gitlab-rails/lib/gitlab/ci/variables/collection/item.rb:11:in `initialize’

Once I change the payload below it works. However there could be 100’s of triggered projects, which our customers might use and it is going to be bad asking them to fix their applications. Can this be looked at ASAP
body {

I manually changed the ruby code on my instance to disable the input variables validation. Works fine now, but surprised it is not documented any where