Upgrading 7.7.2 --> 7.8.1

Hello all,
New to GitLab and the community but installed GitLab a few weeks ago for our company and migrated all of our repos off to the new system. Loving the product and happy to have moved.

I installed the Debian 7 package offered at the time (gitlab_7.7.2-omnibus.5.4.2.ci-1_amd64.deb). This seemed to install everything into /opt/gitlab/ and I have to use gitlab-ctl to start/stop the server etc. No big deal, just thought I would share a rough example of the environment that was setup when I did the install.

I noticed today that 7.8 is out and trying to stay up-to-date with everything as I go. However I’m not able to update per the instructions someone from IRC shot over to me. Nothing seems to quite match up as I don’t have a gitlab nor gitlab_ci service, etc.

The upgrade instructions I was looking at were:

which led me to:

However, nothing seems to line up with the way GitLab was installed to the system.

So, wondering a few things.

  1. What am I doing wrong and how might I go about upgrading what I have?
  2. If I do a fresh install on a new server (which I don’t really mind doing) what is the quickest way to migrate my repos from one server to another as I have about 15 users, 25 groups, and over 50 repos that need to move.

Thanks for any advice and/or guidance.

I just now ran across this upgrade link

My only concern is that my current version is a ‘ci’ version and the latest downloadable does not seem to be (gitlab_7.8.1-omnibus-1_amd64.deb). Is that something to be concerned with or should I be fine?

The omnibus package has both GitLab and GitLab CI bundled. It used to be the case that they had different versions in each release and that confused people. Starting from 7.8, you can read from the release post that they now share the same version:

From version 7.8 we have decided to change the versioning of GitLab
CI and had its version bumped from 5.4.x to 7.8. The reason for this
change is to make releasing as quick and easy as possible. Previously,
GitLab CI was not packaged with the omnibus-gitlab package and GitLab CI
version was a separate entity not related to GitLab. However, since
GitLab CI got packaged having different versions made our release
process cumbersome.
It also caused various misunderstandings in which CI goes with which
version of GitLab.
By having the same version for GitLab and GitLab CI, this problem is resolved.

So, download the latest package from https://about.gitlab.com/downloads/archives/ and update according to the instructions you already posted https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/blob/master/doc/update.md#updating-from-gitlab-6-6-x-and-higher-to-the-latest-version :sunglasses:

Awesome axil. Thanks for the quick reply. I will give it a shot and let you know how it flies.