Upgrading 8.15.5 to latest - 13.x

I’m wonder what’s the best path to go on.

Initially, I’m trying to mitigate an Nginx security finding - we’re currently at 1.10.2.
And we probably want to be on 1.18.

And we’re currently on GitLab 8.15.5 CE

Any basic suggestions on doing this would be helpful.


Hello @cdm! Welcome to the forum :tada:

What I would suggest is a few things:

I just went through a similar journey. I started at 9.5 and upgraded through the various required versions till 13.1. One thing that wasn’t in the documentation was a deprecation of the ability to set Help text on the login screen. Remove it before you upgrade. I am now left with the headache of getting that removed. I went the Omnibus route BTW.

Thanks olearycrew. I will take a look at the links you provided here.

Thanks sitdwh. I will take note of your suggestion here.