Upgrading from 14.1 to latest

So I see several posts about upgrades failing with 14.x releases. Right now I’m not in a rush to upgrade, but I was wondering what are the main reasons all these upgrades are failing.

Is there a specific path I should follow to ensure success.

I’ve upgrades scheduled for both CE and EE servers.

Any thoughts?

I’ve seen those reports, and have still gone ahead with upgrading our two EE-installations (will be replaced with one CE installation as we don’t want to pay the uncompletely unreasonable price that is the result of removing the “starter” tier). We now have two servers running 14.9. I have no idea why it failed for some many others.

The path I used was just to go with every minor version (i.e. 14.1->14.2->14.3->…).

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That is what I am now planning so I went and downloaded all the minor versions. I’ll share my results once I get done with it.

No issues upgrading both CE and EE servers.