Upgrading from Version 10.2.5 to the latest version

We are currently on version 10.2.5 Community Edition, and are looking to upgrade to version 15.1. The obstacle we have run into is needing to make the operating system hardened. We tried to go back to version 12, which is the furthest back version that supports the operating system being hardened, but it would not allow the upgrade from 10.2.5 to 12, it was to big of a jump in upgrade.
Is there a way to upgrade the version and existing repositories from 10.2.5 to 12, or export the repositories and be able to import them into 12? Cause once we can get it into 12, we can do regular step upgrades.


As per the Gitlab Upgrade docs: Upgrading GitLab | GitLab

your path looks like:

GitLab 10: 10.0.7 > 10.8.7
GitLab 11: 11.0.6 > 11.11.8
GitLab 12: 12.0.12 > 12.1.17 > 12.10.14

you cannot do direct upgrade to 12.x, so you need to upgrade to 10.8.7 first, then wait a short while to ensure background migrations are finished, and then upgrade to 11.0.6, then wait again, then 11.11.8, then wait, and so on.

The upgrade docs explain the details in how to upgrade to a specific version, as well as how to check if background migrations have finished or not. There’s also loads of posts on upgrading here on the forum as well that also explain the details hence why I won’t repeat what is posted here already, or written in the docs.

If you are unsure of some steps, do ask. Ensure you have a backup also before starting your upgrades in case something goes wrong.

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