Upgrading GitLab CE AWS Marketplace install

Hi, I’m thinking of running a self hosted GitLab CE version using the AWS Marketplace install AWS Marketplace: GitLab Community Edition

What is the process of upgrading when a new version of GitLab comes out? Will my instance automatically upgrade or do I need to self manage this myself?


This blog post: GitLab AMI | GitLab

Seems it’s no different than the omnibus, means you have to manage, maintain and upgrade it yourself.

Hi there! From what I can tell, self-hosted GitLab CE instances through AWS Marketplace will not automatically upgrade when a new version is available. You would need to self-manage this and update your instance accordingly. You might also want to consider salesforce automation testing. By automating the testing of Salesforce, organizations can ensure that their data is accurate and that their processes are efficient. Additionally, automating the testing of Salesforce can help organizations identify and fix errors quickly, saving time and money. I hope this helps!