Upgrading GitLab from 7.x to 8.x


What would be the best way to migrate an existing GitLab instance (7.3) to the latest (8.x)?
I am only interested in the contents, no the actual repository, as it can be easily reused.
What path should I take? Any pitfalls along the way?

Thanks in advance you for your help!


So, nobody knows, nobody cares, or what?

It doesn’t seem that very many people care about upgrades from v7, or have never done them. Are you using omnibus or non-omnibus install? Ubuntu? Fedora? What? Maybe people will have specific ideas that are relevant to you, if you’re specific too.

If it was me, I would just take a VM snapshot and do it. If I wasn’t using a VM, I’d make a backup. Then I’d just do it.


Hi, Warren!

Omnibus. I’m thinking about doing a backup on the 7.x version, then, on the latest, restore it, but I’m not sure it’ll work.



Please find steps for the upgrade, this approach is a tested one.
Few things to be noted before embarking on the Upgrade.

  • The upgrade is a big leap from 7.x to 8.8.0 (latest version) There are a lot of changes between 7.x to 8.8 U can see the Change Log
  • Multiple steps are need to upgrade to latest, direct upgrade is not possible.
  • Gitlab backup can be restored on the same version of Gitlab version. Eg: 7.1 backup will go in to 7.1 only, not on 7.2.
  • I recommend you take a backup before you embark on the upgrade from 7.x to 8.8 (latest)

Assuming you are on 7.1, direct upgrade from 7.1 to 8.8 or any 8.x might not be successful, earlier people have faced DB migration failing, to avoid this you need to take a few steps Please find them below
Gitlab 7.1 to Gitlab 7.4
Gitlab 7.4 to Gitlab 7.6
Gitlab 7.6 to Gitlab 8.0
Gitlab 8.0 to Gitlab 8.5 (optional , u can skip this step if you like and upgrade from 8.0 to 8.8)
Gitlab 8.5 to Gitlab 8.8

Please follow the upgrade steps

Note: You cannot restore your backup taken on 7.X on to the latest version i.e., 8.8

Run Rake tests in between every steps to check if the installation/upgrade was successful. This a cautionary measure.
Rake tests:

sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:env:info --trace
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:gitlab_shell:check --trace
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:sidekiq:check --trace
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:app:check --trace
sudo gitlab-rake db:migrate:status --trace
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check SANITIZE=true --trace

(try to solve all issues before progressing to next step of upgrade, U can ignore the hooks and other simple errors which come in the rake tests)

Configure your HTTPS/LDAP etc if needed.

I suggest you to try this on a test server and then do this upgrade on the actual server. Please feel free to post any issue which you encounter during/post upgrade.

Good luck…


Thank you so much!

I will have a try and then share my feedback here.



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How did you upgrade the gitlab?
Have you upgraded the gitlab following @ershad.ahmad steps?
Did you face any difficulties during upgrade?

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Thanks Ershad,

Your instruction helped me a lot to upgrade from 7.5.3 to 8.8. Now i’m finding steps to upgrade to latest version (10.x)


Thank you ! I am glad that i was able useful to the community.


Hi Wolf,
Do you have the steps of up-gradation. I am working on gitlab gradation from 7.10.1 to 8.x.

Sanjeev Kumar N

Hi Guys,

I’m interested to know the process to upgrade from 7.10.0 to the latest one 10.x.
I’m trying on a VM to find the correct steps.

Ubuntu: 14.04 (planned to upgrade to 18.04)


@sanjeev.narayanaswam if you’re still in your up-gradation:

OPTIONNAL (installation from scratch)

Use apt-get install gitlab-ce=x.xx.x-ce.x to install the right update

  • Install the version 7.14.3 (7.14.3-ce.1)
  • Install the version 8.0.0 (8.0.0-ce.0)
  • Install the version 8.10.0 (8.10.0-ce.1)
  • Install the version 8.11.0 (8.11.0-ce.0)
  • Install the version 8.17.8 (8.17.8-ce.0)
  • Install the version 9.0.0 (9.0.0-ce.0)
  • Install the version 9.5.10 (9.5.10-ce.0)
  • Install the version 10.0.0 (10.0.0-ce.0)
  • Install the version 10.8.3 (10.8.3-ce.0)