URL search parameters to split merge requests

URL search parameters to filter on/split merge requests

In our team, we are currently having trouble with huge merge requests, that often include frontend, backend and test code changes.

We are trying to find a way to split merge requests, but we could not come up with a good solution so far. Merging the front without the back gives us Lorem ipsum, merging it without test code gives us, well, untested code and merging only the backend will make us review code that might still change a lot.

While it is possible to use the tree on the left side to filter for a certain file type (e.g .ts), it is still not possible to split off the testcode (.spec.ts). Besides that, we also have .map.ts files for some specific use cases, that we do not want to review usually

The exact proposition would be a way to provide a url with search query parameters (e.g. specific directories, file type predefined, etc.) for the reviewee to have an easier time finding what he/she is actually supposed to review.

Is this already possible?
If so, in what version?
Is there maybe a feature request or something for it already?

I do not know the specifics of our setup, so I cannot provide details here, but I also dont think this really matters.

Thanks in advance!