Usage of $CI_PIPELINE_ID variables in

I have this configuration in .gitlab-ci.yaml:

    action: start
    name: autocomplete-api-$CI_PIPELINE_ID
    url: https://${CI_PIPELINE_ID}-elastic.${K8S_NAMESPACE}.svc.cluster.local:8501/v1/models/model

i have checked …

  • … that the variable exists
  • … that the variable is actually set in the job (export | grep CI_)

I would now expect to see an environment called “api-autocomplete-SOME_ID”. but gitlab creates an environment with the name “api-autocomplete-”.

I already found this topic which seems to confirm that i can use gitlab CI variables in the environment names … but it seems this one is missing.

can someone confirm that or tell me what i’m doing wrong?

some background:

  • environment - public gitlab, private repo, custom runner on our infrastructure (k8s)
  • why do i want this? - I want a temporary environment for this pipeline run.
  • do i insist on that? - nope, i just don’t know what else to do … :confused: