Use CI to build an ARM-Project


I have setup an well working GitLab instance on my Ubuntu Xenial machine. Everything is working fine. I mainly use the GitLab for versioning a ARM-C project. Now I would like to use the CI feature to check the project / software at every new push.

Unfortunately I am not sure how to start. I already read the documentations regarding the CI. As a first step I created a .gitlab-ci.yml file inside my local branch and pushed the file. Since there is no content inside the file, the GitLab CI can not work with that.

My intention now is … there is a makefile inside my project which uses an arm compiler to build the project (normally local on my own working PC). Now I want that the GitLab CI is using / calling this makefile and check if the code is okay.

And now I need help… I know that for normal the CI Runner and the GitLab shouldn’t be on the same machine but anyway they are on the same machine in my situation.

Question: Where can I place the ARM compiler inside the Ubuntu so that the GitLab (User) can use it? On my local working PC the compiler is stored in my personal directory and is linked inside the .bashrc file. How to solve this on the GitLab PC?

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Hi, I still need some help with that topic :slight_smile:

The runner will use some executor like a docker image or something. To allow for instance the docker container to have access to some area on the host machine, e.g. where the ARM compiler lives, you can use “volume”. See example on configuration of the gitlab-runner.