Use Issue Count in Epic Progress Tracking doesn't persist

I’m currently using GitLab Premium. On the Epics page, I can change the Progress tracking to ‘Use Issue Count’ which changes the progress tracker on the roadmap. Very helpful.

The option doesn’t persist though. When I navigate away from the roadmap page and come back, the option switches back to the default of ‘Use Issue Weights’.

Is there something to set that will make this option persist or is this a bug?


I can’t see a setting for this, and I haven’t found a relevant bug report, although there are some related issues, such as this one.

Your best bet is probably to submit a feature request to the GitLab issue tracker.

Thanks! I ended up finding that setting is a url parameter so I can bookmark the view that I want. Unfortunately date range always resets to weekly but at least the issue count setting pulls from the URL.