User added through slack import cannot login anymore after upgrade to 10.7.2


I have a gitlab server with mattermost enabled and using saml authentication.

I works perfectly well except for one user who was added through a mattermost import of a slack team. This user cannot login anymore since the upgrade (he could before). I guess there are missing values in the DB…

The error message I get (nginx logs) when he tries to login is:

GET /users/auth/saml/omniauth_error?error=Namespace+route+can%27t+be+blank HTTP/2.0

Given the amount of tables in the DB, I don’t know where to start: could any of you help me ?

If anybody encounters the same issue, it’s the route that’s missing. I solved it by adding an entry in the routes table linking to the namespace ID.

insert into routes (source_id, source_type, path) values (NAMESPACE_ID, 'Namespace', USERNAME);