User validation required?

Hi @whaber, thanks for responding.

Yes, we certainly can buy the lowest cost tier of service. We are still in our trial period, however, and need to test your runners as part of our trial. In terms of being a paying customer, however, please note that in an effort to get past this error, I already purchased pipeline minutes. To sum up:

  1. We are already a paying customer and have bought pipeline minutes we are not allowed to use.
  2. We are in the trial period for my account which is why we haven’t paid for the premium account yet.

Again, I empathize with the problem you were trying to solve, but your solution is so reprehensible that you might have been better to suspend all of your hosted pipeline services until you could solve it by reasonable means. The way I see it, I have two options now:

  1. Spend precious dev time setting up and paying for our own runners even though I have already paid for time on yours.
  2. Move to a different Git provider.

Either way I am prepared to call my bank and dispute the charge for pipeline minutes as services not received. We are an eight-person startup with three founders and five software engineers and we need every dollar to hire more software engineers. We are happy to pay for valuable services that maximize our time, but we certainly will not pay for services we haven’t received.

Please reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss. I am open to options. I am trying to be as level and reasonable as possible here, but I am truly shocked at your treatment of your customers and am having a difficult time seeing a path forward.

Eh, can we not get an option to validate at the group level? Like, really?

We are a company looking to trial gitlab, and we are neither going to ask our employees to be using their own credit card nor are we passing the company card around for everyone to validate.

If you guys want to make money, should think more how the product works in a B2B setting.

Assuming we want to enter credit card for new team members

  1. What is the process? Where do I go and enter the credit card?
  2. Most of the new team members are in India and are students who don’t have credit cards. Is is possible for me to use my credit card for them?
  3. Can the error be improved on the pipeline page? It took a long time to understand what it really meant.
  4. Please develop a better method to verify genuine users. The method of using credit card is like throwing only the baby and keeping the bath water, because crooks who are using your runners to mine crypto, will find a way.

We love Gitlab. Please don’t force us out to seek alternative by implementing this difficult to follow procedure.

Thank you.


Hi rahulsv,
If you are seeing the pipeline failing error message, you can choose “validate your account” which will allow you to add a credit or debit cards to validate your account. With a recent change we’ve made, validating your account removes limitations from that namespace including any invited users for that validated namespace. (Namespaces can be a bit difficult to udnerstand, they are basically the URL slug for the group you are working in, see Groups | GitLab) Individual users creating projects in that namespace and running pipelines will not need to provide individual credit/debit card. If they are presented that request to validate, it is because they are trying to do their work in a personal namespace not the validated group namespace.
We appreciate your feedback that this is a little hard to understand and we are evaluating other verification methods to supplement debit/credit cards and will continue to work to make this UX more understandable.

Hiya, relatively new Gitlab member here :slight_smile:

I have recently joined a community project. This project has not purchased CI/CD minutes. When I try and view builds for the PR I have submitted for this project, I cannot see them. Instead I see a banner asking me to validate my account.

Given the above scenario, can I confirm that there is no other way for me to view builds for my project other than:
a) enter my card details
b) use a private runner

Thanks in advance

AIUI there’s no other way right now.

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Ah fair enough, thanks for the reply!

Hi @tmccaslin alas this is not the case for me :
With my account I still cannot trigger my precious CI jobs. The project is “bound” to some paying plan.
The project is actually belonging to correct paid company namespace.

The account that created the plan can trigger CI jobs, I cannot. This gets me stuck and frustrated :slight_smile:

@BenSoilleBliq In your case, it sounds like the owner of the project needs to either add you, or to change your privileges?

Thx for your reply @snim2 I’m already owner of group and project. What can we allow more ? I may have missed some checkbox somewhere…

@BenSoilleBliq owner is the highest level of privilege, so I guess that’s not the issue. Hmm…

I don’t receive the banner button to validate, and yet the pipline fails because of no validation. Where on the interface to I validate?

How can a user in our group validate their account if they don’t have a credit/debit card?

Hi @Skippy - sorry you are having trouble with this. I’m not sure that this is possible yet, your best bet would be to raise a support ticket and explain your situation.

Good luck!

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Thanks, I’ll give that a go