Users exports/import & multiple instances

Hey guys, I have a couple questions regarding having multiple instances of Gitlab.

First question:

I found the answer in the FAQ a little unclear so I just wanted to ask for a clear explanation of what exactly is allowed for using one license for multiple stages.

I need a testing Gitlab installation (which might get re-installed a couple more times in the future) as we’re planning to move our infrastructure to Kubernetes. According to the FAQ, I can use the same Gitlab license for multiple environments as long as the users are either the same or some of each other.

What exactly defines the same? Is it like the same username and/or email? Or just the count of users in general? Or is it like an exact copy of the users?


is there an option to export/import users? Could I just export all users from the main instance and import them into the testing instance?


I have the same question