User's Permissions

it appears that GitLab offers 5 fixed Permission sets (Actions):
i.e. Guest, Reporter, Developer, etc.

How do i adjust the specific Permissions in these ‘Actions’ ?

More specifically, I just created and pushed a bunch of Tags with my role as a Developer. However, when i attempted to delete these tags, my Pushes were rejected with this message:

[remote rejected] MY-LABEL- (pre-receive hook declined)

Normally, I expect to be able to delete my tag, i.e. the one I created.

Hence the questions:

  • is there a way to adjust the Instance/Group/Project wide Developer (or other) permissions to add the Rewrite/remove git tags permission ?
  • can i adjust the referenced pre-receive hood to only block deletes to tags that i didn’t create?
  • i have not experimented with branches yet, but similarly is there a way to let me delete my unprotected branches, but not someone else’s