Users with same name

Hi there,

how do you deal with users which have the same name?
We want to use Gitlab EE combined with LDAP-Authentication.

We recently discussed what we should do if a condition appears that employee max mustermann commited a lot of repositories, leaves the company and another employee with the same name joins the company…would the “second” max mustermann have access to all the repositories the “first” max mustermann has committed?

What would you do if that condition appears? How do we handle that?

Thank you very much for your advice!

Every time a employee leaves the company, his/her AD-User will be deleted, so we can assign the name “max mustermann” a second time.

@tobias_leibbrand commits are assigned using the email address that is configured in the user’s git config. The commits get assigned to an account only if the emails match. I guess that if you recycle email addresses, this will be a problem for you and there is no way around it. How often do you foresee this happening?

Hey Patricio,

thank you for your reply. We hope that it will not happen. Currently we don’t have a problem like this.
It was just something we wanted to discuss about because we had no idea how to handle that problem.

Our team already discussed that we would assign the same email-adress to a person with the same name and see what would happen.

Thank you!