Using a meta repository to build from git submodules using Gitlab CI

I am trying to build a workflow which builds and bundles a GUI (client) and a binary (server) together from git submodules.

In my use case I have 2 repositories, one for the GUI and one for a separate binary which acts as a server where the GUI retrieves data from.

I have a simple script which packages these together.

The way I have it set up now is that as soon as a user commits to either repo on GitLab, a webhook is called on the meta repository which contains both repo’s as git submodules. It will then commence a build and test the entire application together.

The problem now is that if the build fails it doesn’t show which commit it failed on from either submodule but rather the latest commit of the meta repo. This meta repo doesn’t contain its own source code, just the submodules.

Is there a better workflow to build git submodules into a single application?

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