Using exclude in report artifacts

Hey all
I have a case where I want to add multiple junit reports from a project.
The folder structure looks like:

  • frontend/node_modules
  • frontend/app1
  • frontend/app2
  • frontend/app3

and I want to add all reports from all 3 apps but not from node_modules.
When using artifacts, I can just use:

      - frontend/**/*reports/*.xml
      - frontend/node_modules/**/*

but for reports:junit, I didn’t find an exclude and I think it also does not support the full glob syntax, just wildcards.
So when I use:

        - frontend/**/*reports/*.xml

It does of course also include the reports from the node_modules folder.
Is there a way to use excludes in reports or do I really need to list the individual paths in there?
Thanks for your help.

As I could not find an exclude, I did the opposite and added exact includes. So this example now looks like:

    - frontend/{app1,app2,app3}/**/*reports/*.xml