Using gitlab as a file share - for deployment of OS images ESXi

One of my customers want to use GitLab as an Operating system file share, for deploying newly created ESXi images on our ESXi machines.

The usecase:
The team is creating customized ESXi images, that they want to use to create new ESXi Machines based an the newly created image. They use GitLab repo onprem to store their newly created images.
A new physical machine uses ILO to boot from and from the UI (ILO), it sees the image on the Gitlab Repo based on HTTP. When it start to open teh Image, it says that the image is corrupted and it cannot load the image.

Throubleshoot steps:

  • All FW ports are open between GitLab and the location where the ESXi machines are living in (Vlan);
  • Certificate check. We switched from HTTPS to HTTP, giving it the same result.
  • Starting the image from other sources like a VM (with ubuntu). The image works fine, no corruption message.
  • Changing from other location then Gitlab to start the ILO process as described above. The image is then loaded and works fine, no corruption message appaers.

We believe there is something wrong and it looks like we missed a setting from our Gitlab (v13 latest) onprem.

please help us