Using for self hosted GL instance

This post is mainly aimed forwards GL staff, but feel free to leave a contribution if you have anything to say, be it an idea or criticism.

So I own quite a few domains I consider rather special one of which is - .si being the TLD of my home country, Slovenija.
If you navigate to you will, at least at the time being, get redirected to Aljaz Starc · GitLab - my profile on

I am currently hosting an GL-ce instance using domain (meaning “git” “place” in Slovenian) but since I own the domain I would like to use it for this GL instance.

Of course there is more that one issue with this; one of which, the one that most of you might come up with first is that this is getting very close to phishing… - to users that are - how should I phrase this - not cautious enough, might be too similar to distinguish.

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Another one is … … well branding.
I don’t expect that GitLab would be like “yeah whatever, someone is using the same domain except for the TLD” so I’d like to ask for input from your side.

In case you are willing to permit the use of it I would, of course, put a notice in the footer, signup, signin, etc…
And the signup is restricted to manual approval of each account. It’s more of a semi-public instance.

Thank you in advance for taking your time, reading through and possible replying.

Hi, you can personalise it by changing the default graphics, name of the site, etc in the admin settings. So under Admin → Settings → Appearance. That way it should be pretty obvious that it’s not attempting to personate Gitlab itself, despite the domain name.

Personally I would have bought a more generic domain name that is more unique to me (like my company/business name or something like this), and then put my gitlab instance available as for example: that way in the future if I wanted to run another application, eg redmine, I could then have or whatever, and have the apps as a sub-domain if you like under the main domain.

Yes, I was planning to change the appearance.

I own plenty of other domains (>25) for different (personal, or client) projects - so no worries about that :stuck_out_tongue:
This is more a part of the plan for having a full system for git, development, deployment, monitoring, etc… Currently owning the following domains: - for GL - for GL pages - for deployment via CI to k8s cluster

May I kindly ask for some GL staff :eyes:
Sorry for direct tag @whaber but @linds apparently doesn’t exist anymore or has the profile set as private, I have no clue…

@gitlab-team @dnsmichi can you add a viewpoint on this from Gitlab’s perspective?



@aljaxus thanks for asking, @iwalker thanks for the ping. I’ve circled back with our team.

Unfortunately you cannot use the GitLab trademark as a domain name, that’s the case for top level domains, such as ccTLDs with or gTLDs with You can use it when it is part of a subdomain, e.g. in your company’s domain namespace This is explained in the “authorized uses” section of the GitLab trademark guidelines.

For your usecase, I’d suggest to keep the GitLab instance FQDN being or any different variant with for example.

I’ve shared your GitLab profile and contact details with our team, in case we need further discussion. Thanks again for taking action to ask first! :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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Aight. Thank you for taking your time and also talking to others.

Have a good one :smiley:

Oh, one last thing - is it alright if I keep the domain active, but just as a redirect to my profile?