Using GL as on-prem incident management platform for kubernetes clusters

We are a GL premium customer. We are currently researching using GL as an incident management service integrated within each of our environment(s) (k8s clusters). However, your documentation states such that that feature is now deprecated.

So a couple of questions:

Because these are fedramp environments, we are not authorized to integrate with external services for incident management, so we’re searching for a solution we don’t have to write ourselves. GL may be a good tool as documentation suggests this functionality exists (unless it’s actually deprecated). Does this functionality exist in GL in the way I’m describing we want to implement?

The idea is that GL will run in each of our clusters as a type of agent forwarding alerts to our main GL project(s) which will alert when something surfaces through our prometheus stack.
Is this feature still available or am I reading the documentation correctly that it is deprecated?


Further reading is indication that this functionality in this form of kubernetes integration is deprecated but using the gl-agent provides the integration we could use for incident management (perhaps). I’m still digging into this. Frankly, I prefer an agent method of integration over the old method so this is a good thing I think. Still reading through documentation.