Using retry keyword in a trigger job results in unknown keys: retry

I am trying to use the “retry” keyword on a job that triggers a downstream pipeline.

I see the following error after committing the pipeline below in the Editor tool

This GitLab CI configuration is invalid: jobs:health-check config contains unknown keys: retry

I’ve added the retry keyword to a specific job according to Gitlab documentation unless it’s not supported for trigger jobs?. I would appreciate suggestions on what I could do differently.

I’m using GitLab Enterprise Edition 15.11.2-ee

  stage: health-test
    max: 2
    MARKS: "health_check"
    project: <down stream project path>
    branch: test-retry
    strategy: depend
  allow_failure: true
  when: on_success
      - merge_requeststype
  • I’ve also tried to add the “retry” keyword in a different location in the job (after the “when” keyword) with the same result. This error causes the pipeline not to run

retry is not supported for trigger jobs. List of supported key words is here