Version checker broken when out of date (7.14.1)

I have 7.14.1 installed. when this was the most recent the version checker worked fine. Now that 7.14.1 is out of date the version checker shows the broken image icon and “Check”.
Plugging the URL for the version check PNG into the browser results in a blank page.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Is it a known bug?
Thanks, T.

I was seeing the same problem on 7.14.1. I upgraded to 7.14.3, and the problem appears to still be there.

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this seems to be working again … lol

I’m actually starting to see this problem now even on newer versions of Gitlab. It started when I upgraded from 8.0.3 to 8.0.4, continued to happen when I upgraded to 8.0.5, and is still happening even after I upgraded to 8.1.0. I get the broken link image and when I try to manually go to the image URL:

It comes back with an empty page.

Edit: Ok, this is weird. When I browse to that URL in a browser, I get a blank page. If I fetch it with curl, I get a 404 error. However if I paste it into this message window

It shows a valid graphic.