Visual studio asks for password when trying to clone gitlab repo

I’m from South Korea so I can’t speak English well
I want to clone my gitlab repository in visual studio, using ssh
But it asks for a password, but I don’t know what password it asks for
I have configured kubernetes cluster in centos7 environment and created gitlab pod on it.
All of this is on top of a Hyper-V virtual machine.

How do I clone gitlab’s repo, a pod of virtual machine k8s, on another computer?



This is the service of my gitlab pod.
ssh works with 22:31293

But git clone says 30329
So I tried both and 31293 but both ask for a password

i tried to solve this problem

  1. Register ssh key
  2. Register account token
  3. Register the project’s account token

I also set username and email in git global settings
Still didn’t solve the problem