WARNING: not supported: outside build directory

Part of the pipeline, I got some artifacts getting created outside of the build directory (/tmp) … getting this warning when trying to create artifact
WARNING: /tmp/: not supported: outside build directory
Is it possible to overcome this?

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me too facing same problem

Great, this is clearly a bug, a meaningless and pathetic message that fails to help anyone and although things you expect to be copied from one stage to the next are being ditched without a failure (until you try and use them) this question is being ignored and will doubtless shortly be cleaned up as not going to fix by the bot (like all the other bugs).
Please its really getting to the point I am considering writing a system of my own because this is just NOT WORKING. I cant even get the same behaviour twice on the trot!

I was having the same problem with artifact path, I solved copying the files I needed (- cp …) and setting the artifact path as a subfolder in current directory