We are using gitlab.com SSAS and our pipelines are pausing for hours before running

We have 4 pipelines currently paused. One is at 5 hours, one is at 3 hours, and two at around one hour.

Two weeks ago pipelines would never pause, or maybe for a few seconds. Last week it was terrible and they started pausing for 20 minutes. Now it is hours.

EDIT: These are our own hosted runners. They are happy after a restart. Any tips on the proper care and feeding of hosted runners to prevent this? Should they be restarted automatically every weekend or something like that?

Hi @Clay

This sounds annoying. Presumably it’s with GitLab shared runners, not runners on your own server?

Thank you! It was annoying. We are utilizing our own hosted runners. This morning we turned them off and then back on again and they seem okay now.

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