We want to extend our Main Repo with other repo's. So we are looking for Parent Child relationship, is this possible in Gitlab repo?

We want to extend our Main Repo with other repo’s, sort of relationship between 2 different projects. I am not sure if Submodules fit that bill or not. . We have MAIN repo which we want to extend it to other repos. Please guide how we can achieve in gitlab?

Hey there,

As far as I know, GitLab itself does not have any feature like “sub-projects” or so. Therefore, you’re definitely on the right path with submodules - but remember this is purely a git feature.

There is a second option, very similar to that - subtree - perhaps worth checking out as well. There are some minor differences, perhaps take a look at this article or google around a bit to figure out what would be the best option for your use case.

Kind regards!