Web-IDE will not load 10.7.3

When clicking the Web IDE button on any file in any project, the following message is displayed at the top and the Web IDE does not load

Error while loading the branch files. Please try again

Running CE 10.7.3, just upgraded from 10.6.2.

Local core install, I was able to get it to work if I use the exact string specified for external_url in gitlab.rb in the browser URL. Currently it is set to the FQDN of the Linux host.

external_url ‘http://myhost.domain

e.g. it doesn’t work if I use “http://myhost”, or a CNAME we created “http://gitlab

I tested changing the value in gitlab.rb to the CNAME, bounced Gitlab, however that had no effect. IDE doesn’t work unless original “http://myhost.domain” FQDN is used.